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Why Live Chat Is The Most Popular Communication Chanel For Customer Service

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat support | 0 comments

Great customer support can be summed up with one goal in mind: to make the customer happy and solve their problems in a fast and painless way.  Out of all the customer support channels available today – phone, email, social media, or chat – live chat is by far the fastest, simplest and least obtrusive.  So it is no surprise that nearly a third of online consumer now expect live chat to be available for contacting a business.

Customers prefer live chat for many of the same reasons we all enjoy chatting in our personal lives – it’s quick, familiar and private (no more awkward phone calls on the morning commute), and most importantly, it’s convenient.  Customers are able to carry on checking their emails, working, and even eating while maintaining a conversation. It’s customer service that fits into their lifestyle.

It’s not only customers who feel the benefits of live chat.  Businesses are realizing that using live chat can boost their sales, increase revenue and help father valuable information about their customers.  For all these reasons, the use of live chat as a customer service channel has increased in recent years and will continue to grow.

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out the benefits of live chat.

  1. Conversation Lead To Conversions

Live chat does more than provide a quick support option for customers – it converts customers.  A whopping 77 percent of online shoppers want to contact a real person before they make their purchase.  When combined with customized triggers and real-time visitor monitoring, proactive chats are a powerful measure against cart abandonment.

  1. Live Chat Increases Agent Efficiency

When agents are empowered to handle multiple customer conversations at once, they’re able to fix many problems and issues concurrently, rather than being forced to handle one customer at a time.  Chat agents can engage in as many as six customers at once, depending on the complexity of the problem being worked on.

Additionally, with the use of triggers, agents can save on repetitive typing by sending up time-saving canned responses or automated greetings for customers on the site longer than 30 seconds or personalized messages activated by custom behaviors such as lingering on a single product or pricing page.

  1. Your Support Teach Gets Better Support

Agents can chat each other with helpful pieces of advice at the same time as they are helping your customers.  That mean issues are being resolved more efficiently before internal knowledge sharing.  If your business offers multiple product lines, you can also set up triggers that will automatically route your customers to agents who specialize in those fields before they even start to chat – saving both your agents and your customers effort.

Unlike email, chat also allows for in-the moment support to upset customers.  An agent can quickly assist a disgruntled customer via chat before the issues get out of hand or extend to social media channels.

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