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Why Every Website Needs To Have Live Chat

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat support | 0 comments

The first thing that comes to mind when we think or customer service is having to wait around for a call agent to answer the phone while we listen to old music in the background.  No one has time to deal with that.  Customers today have a lot of questions and want them answered immediately before they make their purchase.  Before, we directed our inquiries to sales representatives as we walked up and down the aisles of a store. Now, between long work days and busy lifestyles, we find ourselves doing a lot of online shopping from the comfort of our own homes, and this is where live chat comes into play.

There are many reasons why you should be incorporating live chat into your business’s customer service experience, as it will help you get more customers and keep them happy longer. Discover what those reasons are below.

  1. Fast Answers & Less Waiting

When shopping online, customers are happier and more likely to make a purchase if their questions are answered on the spot.  These questions are usually about the price of the item or product information.  Live chat provides the perfect option for them to get these answers.  They can feel safe making the purchase and don’t have to deal with long wait times like on a phone call.  Customers no longer need to resort to making phone calls or having to send emails, which we all know take a long time to be answered.

  1. It Builds Customer Loyalty

Live chat can make the entire customer support experience less stress for customers.  By making it easier for your customer to reach your agents, your company will feel more approachable.  It also allows for increased conversations and, in the long run, a growing of your customers database.

Contacting a call center 800 number can be a daunting process – an interaction that can feel formal and intimidating for many customers.  Chatting online, however, creates a feeling that is more on the same level as texting a friend or family member.  A quick “Hi, there” and a smiley face can put anxious customers at ease.  Ultimately, chat can give your customers the confidence they need to make the purchase.  One positive experience can lead to return customers that comes back for many purchases and even tells their friends about your company.  The higher the return rate, the stronger the customer loyalty, and the higher the sales revenue for you.  So why not choose a platform that is low cost and effective such as live chat?

  1. Live Chat Caters To The Younger Crowd

Everyone knows that the younger crowd hates to use the phone.  The younger crowed loves texting.  It’s clear that if chat is offered on a website, younger people are going to use it without any doubt.  The question is, who are you targeting?  Shoppers between the ages of 18 to 34 love using chat.  So think about that.

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