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Why Business Owners Must Consider Using Live Chat

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat support | 0 comments

The world is changing every day, and with each passing moment, the changes are manifold.  As smart technology keeps increasing, customers behavior is changing.  Customers are becoming very smart.  Nowadays, everything in our world is turning into “I want it now”. Customers no longer have the patience to wait around on a phone call.  They expect instant replies to their queries, and if they don’t get their answer, they are ready to switch over to the competition in just a click of a button.  So instead of relying on the traditional email and phone call channels of communication, organizations all over the world have started using live chat as the preferred form of communication.  While live chat has been around for some time now, it was only utilized as a form of chat rooms in the early days of the internet.  Nowadays, it has become a very powerful tool to provide great customer support.

Let us show you how your company can benefit from live chat.

  1. Live Chat Reduces Wait Times

Usually when a customer calls a call center, that call is put on hold.  Depending on the availability of the agents around, the wait time can vary.  The longer the wait time, the angrier the customers get.  However, with live chat, wait times are less, which means happier customers.

  1. Faster Resolutions To Problems

One of the best advantages of live chat is that it provides faster resolutions to major issues.  On the phone, if a customer has a query that is complex, the agent will invariable transfer the caller to another agent or a manager, as he/she is unable to help the customer with the answer that they need.  However, with live chat, as multiple agents can answer at the same time, even complex issues can be fix right away.  There are not hold times, dropped calls or frustrating transfers.

  1. Better Call Handling

While a phone agent can handle only one customer at a time, a live chat agent can handle multiple customers.  This also reduces turnaround time.

  1. Lowers Operational Costs

The costs involved in implementing a live chat software to your website are very low. Moreover, the cost per interaction is low when you compare it to other channels, such as emails or phone callss.  It also decreases phone costs and the costs of having to hire other agents.

  1. Betters Customer Satisfaction

Many surveys have been done, all of which conclude that customer satisfaction increases thanks to live chat.  Customers prefer live chat over any other communication channel.  They love to have someone who can help them with their questions as they do their online shopping.  Higher customer satisfaction rates lead to higher customer conversions and more money for you.

  1. Easier To Provide Customized Services

Live chat offers greater scope for customization.  A chat agent can quickly browse through the database and look at customer history, purchasing info, and preferences, and then quickly provide the information the customer needs.

If you are interested in live chat, please contact us today so we can help you get started.