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How Live Chat Can Improve Employee Morale

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Being the happy, helpful face of a company can be very difficult. Your support agents are the front line of your customer frustrations, anger, issues, queries and complaints. With that they handle it is hard for them to stay happy.

Improving employee morale in such environment is no easy task. Your agents are hustle every day and can get easily lost in the workload. And, any negativity in your agents will have a knock-on effect on your customers which isn’t good for you.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to fix this problem. Starting using live chat. Used correctly, live chat software can be your best friend and help you improve employee morale.

Here is how live chat can improve employee morale:

  1. Keeps them busy

Your employees have a lot to do, and providing excellent customer support isn’t always the only thing on their plate. There are CRMs to update, purchases to be made, orders to track, and paperwork to write. All of these demands take are time-consuming. Live chat software enables your agents to help customers while handling all these other chores.

They can look up helpful information while conversing, unlike with a phone call, they can help more than one customer at any given time.

You might not think it, but this ability to multitask has a huge impact in helping employee morale. Rather than chained to one task while a mountain of work piles up around them, your employees can finish their workload fast and keep your customers happy. That means less tension, and less tedium.

  1. It minimizes frustrations

Just as your customers are likely to get frustrated about having to repeat themselves over and over again, your support agents are going to get fed up answering the same questions. Unfortunately an angry representative often creates an even angrier customers.

With the use of live chat, you’re supplying your team of agents with software that helps them with canned responses. Instead of having to repeatedly type the same answer, your agents can choose from a variety of canned responses.

Liberation from manual typing has huge benefits in improving employee morale. But that doesn’t end there: live chat software can also read your agents mind. (well, almost). Just as you would expect of predictive text on your mobile phone, live chat software retain commonly typed or recent type messages. From there, it can suggest responses based on what your agents have typed recently.

Those kinds of small features help your agents and make them happy.

  1. It gives them confidence

Live chat software can boost the confidence in your agents by empowering them to give a personalized service. With an inbound telephone call there’s often legwork involved in taking caller details, pulling out customer’s information and accessing their accounts. This can take a long time and be annoying for both parties.

With live chat software all date is stored after each chat session and can be retrieved into the chat session later on. This means your agents can treat customers companionably, with no need for lengthy introductions and repetitive account questions.

This smooth start to chat session is a boom in helping employee morale.

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