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Find Out Why Live Chat Is In High Demand Today

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat support | 0 comments

As the years go by, more of our conversations with people are no longer over the phone.  With communication through message services and applications leading the way in how people communicate nowadays, calling an old friend to catch up isn’t exactly as common as it was 10 or 20 years ago.  With this shift in communication, customers are also changing the way they reach out to a business and interact with customer service agents, including a groundswell of demand for a new and popular service: live chat.

If you have a website, we are going to show why live chat is no longer optional for customer service. Your customers demand it.

  1. It Saves Agents Time.

In the business world, time is money – and there’s no denying that live chat makes agents work better.  Not only can they handle many chat sessions at the same time, but they’re able to assist with email customer service tickets simultaneously.  This ability for the agent to change their focus on the go means they can clear the log of customer issues a lot faster than ever before.

  1. It Saves Customers Time

Living in a world that’s on the go, customers simply want everything now. Customers are more likely to reach out via live chat because it means they can do more things at the same time.  One of the benefits of live chat is that customers don’t have to be glued to a phone or waiting on hold for the next available agent to show up.  Offering live chat means more customers – some that may not have reached out otherwise for many different reasons.

  1. It Enables Better Answers

In a phone conversation, an agent is put on the spot and has to answer questions right then for the customer with what may or may not the perfect answer to the question.  With live chat, the conversation is still in real-time but the agent has more time to think through and give the customer the right answer.  Another bonus of chat is that agents can easily access customer self-service options, such as knowledge based articles and content to further assist customers.

  1. It Facilitates The Solving Of Bigger Problems

We’ve all had a conversation where we were asked on the phone to describe a scenario or situation – wouldn’t a picture speak a thousand words? With live chat, sharing files and attachments is so easy.  Customer problems and concerns can easily be resolved.

  1. It Can Be A One Stop Shop For Customer Conversations

Live chat can start off simple but turn into many different conversations.  If a customer has to leave in the middle of the session, no worries, you can turn the chat into an email ticket to continue the chat later on.  Or maybe a customer wants to show you the error.  A more complex visual customer service solution can be used here, like a video conversation or screen sharing so the agent can see the problem live.

As you can see, there are many reasons you can’t afford to be without live chat. If you are interested in live chat, please contact us today!