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Find Out Why Live Chat Has Become So Popular Today

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat support | 0 comments

Odds are, if you landed on this blog post, you have a website.  And that website is meant to generate you money.

There’s one big problem:

On average, site visitors spend 60 seconds on your website.

Ugh, all of that time and money spent on making your site look pretty. The designs are wonder! The copy is so well written. The content is unique. What gives?

The truth is, it’s impossible to design an experience for everyone.  Putting the right content in front of the right visitors at the right time is very difficult. That leaves the site visitor with unmet expectations. Without knowing where to go to find what they need, they are going to leave.

The good news for you is: You can solve this problem very fast with help from live chat.

Never ever miss another website visitor. Get started with free live chat today.

Here are few reasons why you should install live chat on your website.

  1. Better E-commerce Sales

The oddity of our increased social lives, digitally, is that people no longer want to use the phone.  Combine that with the progression of people buying everything online while real life stores close daily – and you have a digital customer who wants digital support – FAST!

  1. Better Leads

Not everyone’s website is transactional, but even sites that are pure information still need to generate leads somehow.

From our experience, we’ve had live chat on customers websites and they’ve generated over 50+ conversations and 10 turned into qualified leads.

  1. Better Customer Experience

A recent study by a successful company showed how satisfied customers are with customer service channels such as live chat.  It has the highest satisfaction levels of any other customer communication channel.  Answering your customer questions in real-time is extremely useful and creates a great overall experience.  While most companies are learning to differentiate based on customer experience, this is not a channel to be ignored.

  1. Millennials Need it

It only makes sense that those who grew up in chat rooms and using AIM now want to chat while they do their online shopping.  Millennials don’t just need it, they demand it.  As they continue to age, they won’t want to stop chatting.

  1. It Lowers Cost

While live chat can definitely help you make money, it also helps you save money.  It’s quick and easy to get up and start talking to customers right away, it shortens response times, and you can create canned responses to make your team more efficient.

Live chat helps you become customer-driven and responsive to their wants and needs.

Never miss another website visitor.  Get started with our live chat software today.

If you are interested in live chat software, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.